2RULE Released Tugmidiseq, a Free MIDI Arp and Sequencer Plugin

A fun MIDI Sequencer plugin which helps you make creative arp patterns for free!


Enjoy this fun MIDI plugin – 2Rule has released TugMidiSeq polyphonic arp and sequencer plugin for Windows and Mac. The plugin is available as “Pay what you want” donation-ware or for free. Read the whole article to find out more!

What is TugMidiSeq?

TugMidiSeq is an arp and seq creator MIDI plugin. This plugin is made in VST3 format only, it works on Windows and Mac (it doesn ‘t work in Logic since it supports only AU plugins).

2Rule TugMidiSeq plugin GUI

The MIDI notes drawn in the piano roll of your DAW (works best with chords), will be automatically lined up from the lowest pitch to the highest pitch, creating musical polyphonic patterns according to the beat moments in the seq window.
More info can be found on the developer website’s.

If you want to know how to download TugMidiSeq for free, scroll through this article.

Here is this plugin in action :

TugMidiSeq plugin overview

How to Download Tugmidiseq for Free

  • Click here to head over 2rule’s website
  • Click on “DOWNLOAD To Gumroad Link”
  • Name a price in the “Set a fair price” field. It can be 0 for a free download or more for a donation. That is up to you.
  • Click on “I want!”
  • Enter a valid email.
  • Download and install the plugin!
  • Enjoy! ✌??


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