Evanescent - Baby Grand Piano VST Is Free For A Limited Time | Henrik Harrell

Evanescent – Baby Grand Piano VST is Free for a Limited Time

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Need a sweet piano instrument?
Good news! VST Alarm is offering Evanescent – Baby Grand Piano VST by New Nation as a free download (reg. $14) until June 9th 2022.

What is Evanescent – Baby Grand Piano VST by New Nation

Evanescent – Baby Grand Piano VST is a virtual instrument plugin. As you may have sensed from its name, this is a straight forward piano VST.
The piano was sampled with 4 different microphones, this gives you the ability to manipulate the sound based on Mic Placement.
It also has a minimal FX section which allows you to use the FX you’re already familiar with, to have full control over each Piano Microphone and easily browse presets,
The Interface has 3 sections:

  • Top: FX In-Depth Adjustments + Preset Browser
    Here you will find all of your FX Parameters + your Preset Browser. Easily browse, adjust & tweak your sounds in this section.
  • Middle: Banjo/Sampler Adjustments
    This section contains the Sampler Engines for your Piano Instruments. Quickly edit your samples to create the sound you’re looking for.
  • Bottom: FX Quick Adjustments
    Linked to the FX with the same name in TOP Section, these are an even faster way to add FX & get an idea of your sound.
Evanescent – Baby Grand Piano plugin GUI

How to Get Evanescent – Baby Grand Piano VST by New Nation for Free

  • Go to this link.
  • Click on the button that says “Click here to download”.
  • Evanescent – Baby Grand Piano VST will be added to the cart.
  • Click on “Proceed to checkout”.
  • Complete your order at checkout.
  • You will get the instructions on how to download Evanescent – Baby Grand Piano VST for free.
  • Enjoy! šŸŽ‰

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