Foundations | Nylon Guitar Free Instrument For Kontakt Player By Heavyocity | Henrik Harrell

Foundations | Nylon Guitar Free Instrument for Kontakt Player by Heavyocity

A FREE Nylon Guitar virtual instrument powered by the Free Kontakt Player.
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A guitar library that you will actually use – Heavyocity released a free guitar kontakt library called Foundations | Nylon Guitar. This library is 100% free of charge.
As a “powered-by-Kontakt” instrument FOUNDATIONS | Nylon Guitar will work on full version of Kontakt 6 or the free Kontakt 6 Player.

Read the whole article to know how to free download it!

What Is FOUNDATIONS | Nylon Guitar By Heavyocity?

FOUNDATIONS | Nylon Guitar is a free Kontakt Library made by Heavyocity.
“FOUNDATIONS” is a collection of free instruments, designed to inspire the next generation of film, TV, and game scores.

This new library has been built by sampling a clean guitar sound, but it is not just a simple boring clean guitar. 
Heavyocity is well known for their top-quality cinematic libraries. They packed it with some impressive sound layers (Soft Nylon Guitar and Ambient String Texture), which allow you to get easily that high-quality cinematic guitar sound without spending a lot of money on other expensive kontakt libraries.

This library comes with 10 Custom Presets but with all the parameters you have at your disposal, including ARP, Gate, Space, and ADSR, you have the ability to sound design your own presets.

If you have 530 MB free disk space on your machine, you should give it a try, especially if you use the kontakt player in your productions.

How to Free Download Foundations | Nylon Guitar by Heavyocity


  • 106 Samples
  • 2 Sound Sources:Soft Nylon Guitar & Ambient String Texture
  • 10 Custom Presets
  • Gate | Arpeggio control for building complex, rhythmic patterns
  • 2 Channel Mixer real-time source blending
  • Envelope Control
  • Master FX – Punch, Delay, and Reverb

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