Get 808 Day For Free!


To celebrate 808 day, I’m giving you a FREE sample pack related to the iconic 808 drum machine.

​808 Day comes with 2 sample packs in 1: TR808 samples and 808s. These are hard hitting and perfect for genres like Trap, Hip Hop, Electronic, House etc.

In total, you get up to 84 TR808 samples and 10 unique 808s. These are some of my favorite 808’s I’ve ever made.

​I’m offering this sample pack for free (limited time only) to celebrate the emblematic drum machine and one of the most iconic sounds in music nowadays, the 808.

​Get this sample pack now for FREE!

Compatible with any DAW or SAMPLER:

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Here is why:
Recently I found out that people were using fake emails just to download this sample pack.
I spent hours making it and I wanted to give it for free to only those who really appreciate what I have done to help the music producer community.

Hit me on Instagram @henrikharrell to know when I will make this Sample Pack free again in the future.

Thanks for the understanding.