Free plugin bundle: Knobs by Abletunes

Get a distortion plugin, a transient design and a reverb with this free bundle.


Abletunes is offering a bundle of free plugins called Knobs, these plugins are compatible with all major DAWs that support VST or AU plugin formats.

What do Knobs do?

Knobs are easy to use plugins. They consist of 3 plugins: DRIVE, SPACE and ATTACK.
Most producers like one knob plugins (me included) and if youa re one of them too you will find this plugins really useful in you mixing sessions.

Drive Knob

The Drive Knob is a distortion plugin, which helps deliver some tone and color to your tracks.

Attack Knob

The Attack knob is a transient shaper plugin(attack only), which is useful when you need to add bite and punch to your drums and to percussive elements.

Space Knob

The Space Knob is a mid-sized room reverb plugin, it’s a simple and effective reverb which can be used almost on everything (synth, guitars, percussions etc.)

To free download and find out more about this free plugin bundle, visit Abletunes’s website.


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