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Get a kick drum synthesizer and 2 preset libraries for Xfer Serum for free!


Audio Plugin Deals is offering Sick Noise Instruments Bundle.
This bundle includes NoizeClick, a kick drum synthesizer, Roboticon which contains 60+ Psychedelic presets for Xfer’s Serum and Sick Noise Vol 1 which contains 35 Serum presets and 45 Audio FX samples for high-tech and psytrance music.
The value of this bundle is $71.00, but you can get it 100% free of charge until April 28th, 2022!

What’s Inside Sick Noise Instruments Bundle

NoizeClick is a brand-new plugin by Sick Noise Instruments. You can make your own kicks easily and quickly. It is made mostly for psytrance kicks, but it is possible to make kicks for any genre of music.

Watch NoizeClick in action

NoizeClick Specs

  • Host software / DAW
  • 1GB RAM, more recommended
  • 10MB free disk space
  • FORMATS: VST3 /64 bit(Windows) | AUDIO UNIT (10.8 “Mountain Lion” or better) | VST3 is only for Windows 64x.
  • Not compatible with Pro Tools, Catalina and Bigsur
  • NoizeClick is not a standalone product, it requires host software.


ROBOTICON contains: Arps (13), Bass (5), FXs (18), Kick (2), Lead (20), Pad (2), Seq (7).
Presets are made in the version of SERUM 1.286. You need that version or newer to run presets.

Watch ROBOTICON in action


Sick Noise Vol 1 contains the following production ready content: FX Machine (10), FX Noises (5), Lead Loops (10), Modular FX (10), One Shot FX (10).

Watch Sick Noise Vol 1 in action

How to Get Sick Noise Instruments Bundle for Free

Note that you will have to create an account at Audio Plugin Deals if you do not have one. After completing the order, you need to redeem the product code at Sick Noise Instruments’ website to download this bundle.
Both will require your personal information.


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