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Free TrapDrive distortion plugin (Limited Time)

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Happy Anniversary Diginoiz — Diginoiz is celebrating their 12th anniversary with a cool deal: You can get TrapDrive (a Distortion effect plugin for Trap) for FREE UNTIL MAY 8th 2022!

What is TrapDrive?

TrapDrive is a distortion plugin available on both Windows and macOS. It works on all DAWs that support VST3 (Windows) or VST3/AU (macOS).
If you are composing modern music, you know how important distortion is. Indeed, it is used to bring sounds to life when they are too sterile.
Nowadays, Distortion is used quite often on 808s (in Hip Hop/Trap music and also in EDM) to let them translate better also on small speakers like those found on laptops and smartphones.
If you are looking for a dope FREE plugin to spice up your 808s (and not only that), go get this plugin for free before the promo ends.

TrapDrive plugin GUI

How to Get TrapDrive by Diginoiz for Free

Download license and TrapDrive plugin.
  • Done! Install and enjoy your new plugin! 🎉

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This article is not sponsored or affiliated, I’m just sharing this information to help out the music producer community

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