Get Fox Echo Chorus for Free thanks to BPB!

Dive into the world of vintage echo vibes with the Fox Echo Chorus plugin. Join the giveaway now to add a retro touch to your sound, absolutely free!


Hey fellow music producers! Today, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you.

BPB‘s got a sweet deal for you! They will be giving away 20,000 free licenses for the Fox Echo Chorus. This is made possible through their partnership with Safari Pedals.

About Fox Echo Chorus

The Fox Echo Chorus plugin effortlessly adds a vintage charm to your tracks. It pays tribute to the iconic Echo Chorus Classic, allowing you to transport your sound to the golden era of music.

What sets the Fox Echo Chorus apart?
It offers classic analog echoes, rich reverb, lush chorusing, or a mix of all three.

The Fox Echo Chorus can replicate vintage vibes and help you shape your sound the way you want. It offers a blend knob, tone control, and auto-gain for precise sonic adjustments.

Whether you’re new to music production or a seasoned pro, don’t miss this great opportunity. Get the Fox Echo Chorus for free and discover how it can enhance your music.

This versatile chorus is usually priced at $32, but you can try it out now at no cost. Don’t miss out on this chance!


I know you just wanted the download link 😁
So, go to Bedroom Producers Blog and get your free license before they’re gone.
If you’re in a hurry, you can go straight to the direct link by clicking here.

I hope you found this useful. Until next time, happy producing!


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I’m just sharing this information to help out the music producer community

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