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Last updated on March 19th, 2022

Minimal Audio is giving away Rift Filter Lite for a limited time only. As the name says, this plugin is a filter, but it does more than just a filter effect.

This filter plugin comes with 24 filters types, some of them can be manipulated with the morph to get some cool effect like vowel, phaser, peaking filters, and more.

Add some movement

Sculpt jaw-dropping movement with morph and stereo spread controls.

The spread control it’s really useful if you want to create a huge stereo effect on the source you are working on.

Furthermore, it has an intuitive pitch snapping, transposition, and MIDI tracking and the mix blend control, all these features make Rift Filter Lite the most flexible filter on the market.

Free download this plugin until the 1st of October 2021.

Watch the video in this post to see this plugin in action!

System Requirements

Rift Filter Lite works in Windows and Mac, it can be loaded in all DAWs which support at lease one of these format: AU, VST and VST3 (64bit only)


  • 24 unique filter types, including morphing, vowel, phaser, and more
  • Incredible morph control over filter shapes
  • Create huge stereo effects with stereo spread control
  • Set the filter’s cutoff to key track along to incoming MIDI notes
  • Create musical resonance effects with easy-to-use pitch snapping
  • See your filter in stereo with crystal-clear visual feedback.
  • Get the perfect balance with global dry wet control
  • Low CPU and a beautiful interface 

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