Get The "Underwater FX Plugin" By Thenatan For Free | Henrik Harrell

Get the “Underwater FX Plugin” by Thenatan for Free

This plugin helps you to recreate the "40" Drake style Underwater effect in a few seconds!
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Do you want to recreate the underwater effect in a quick and easy way?
Thenatan teamed up with Sanjay C again to give away the Underwater FX Plugin for free (reg.$50).
This is a limited time offer, and at the time of writing this article, the end of this offer is known.

What is Underwater FX by Thenatan?

Underwater FX is a plugin effect plugin available for Windows (VST / VST3 – 32 & 64 Bit) and macOS (AU / VST / VST3 – 64 Bit).
Basically, it is a filter plugin with a drive and a bit-crush knob, which helps you recreate the underwater effect in an easy and fast way.
You may have heard this effect in a lot of Drake’s songs but also in those Chill Trap/RnB Canadian songs.
Here are all the features:

  • Low-Cut Switch Cuts Everything under 80 Hz
  • Filter Knob Modeled Filter Unit With A Very Smooth Resonance
  • Slopes Menu 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 / 60 / 72 And 96 dB Slope Settings
  • Redux Knob” Lo-Fi degrade unit 
  • Drive Knob” Special Algorithm Distortion  
  • Master Output Knob
  • Automation
  • Audio Visualizer – Animations – Hair Colors And A Lot Of Tears

How to Get Underwater FX by Thenatan for Free

  • Click here to head over to the Underwater FX page.
  • Click on “Add to the cart”.
  • At checkout, add this code: sanjaycdrake
  • Click on “Apply”.
  • Enter your email and click on “Continue”.
  • You will receive an email from Thenatan with the download link,
  • Download and install Underwater FX on your machine.
  • Open your DAW and enjoy your new Free plugin! 🎉
    P.S. Some DAWs require you to restart your machine before using newly installed VST plugins.

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This article is not sponsored or affiliated, I’m just sharing this information to help out the music producer community

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