Integraudio & Sixth Sample Released Deelay A FREE Delay Plugin | Henrik Harrell

Integraudio & Sixth Sample Released Deelay a FREE Delay Plugin

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I can’t believe this plugin is actually FREE – Deelay is not just a simple delay plugin like others. In fact, it is filled with some interesting features, and honestly, it feels more like a premium plugin. Read the whole article to find out how to free download it and to know more about it.

What is Deelay by Integraudio & Sixth Sample?

Deelay Plugin GUI

Deelay is a FREE plugin developed by Integraudio & Sixth Sample. It’s available on Windows (64-bit or 32-bit VST3 support) and macOS (64-bit AU or VST3 support).
Are you wondering: Why do I need another delay plugin?
Well, nowadays, the delay effect is baked into every song. Even tho your DAW comes with a delay plugin, you might face the need to use something geared towards sound designing. In that case Deelay is the solution. It’s completely free and allows you to achieve a variety of sounds.
This free delay plugin comes with over 100 factory presets, plus it features 5 delay modes (normal, reverse forward, pure reversed, chaos, and reversed chaos), A/B sides for split testing and a Minimal looking resizable user interface.

Furthermore, it features :

  • Diffusion
    Diffusion smears Deelay’s echoes to make the effect sound like a reverb.
  • Distortion
    Deelay provides eleven types of distortions : saturation, asymmetrical, clip, tube, rectify, crackly, lightning, amp, bumpy, razor, and pixelated.
  • Tape
    Deelay offers a Tape knob at the bottom right of the user interface. This parameter adds the wow and flutter of a tape recorder.
  • Ducking
    It basically lowers the volume of the wet signal whenever the dry signal plays. So, it’s excellent to avoid muddying your dry signal.
  • Filtering
    It adds a filter section alongside distortion that changes the feedback sound. You’ll find a high-pass and a low-pass filter that sound like they have a 12 dB/octave slope. And you can assign them to the side-chain input or the feedback output.

How to Free Download Deelay

Option 1

Free Download plugin on Plugin Boutique

Option 2

Option 3

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