LEVELS: Your Free Audio Plugin for Professional Metering – Act Fast!

Simplify your music production journey with LEVELS, a free audio plugin that puts pro-level metering within reach. But hurry, it's only free for the next 48 hours!


Hey fellow music producers! Quick heads up—I’ve got something special for you, but you’ve gotta act fast.
Get a free copy of LEVELS plugin from Mastering The Mix for the next 48 hours. The offer ends on Sunday, May 5th, 2024. Find the download link in this post!


LEVELS makes metering easier and less time-consuming. It has an intuitive interface and useful metrics to ensure your music sounds good on all platforms. One notable feature is the True Peak meter, which gives real-time feedback on your track’s volume. LEVELS also has LUFS meters for precise understanding of perceived loudness.

The vector scope and correlation meter help visualize stereo imaging accurately. Additionally, the Bass Space meter identifies and removes unwanted low frequencies, allowing more space for kick and bass elements in your mix. LEVELS simplifies metering and improves the quality of your music.
Find out more about LEVELS on the Mastering The Mix official website.


So there you have it, fellow producers. LEVELS isn’t just another plugin; it’s a useful tool to have in your arsenal. And the best part? For the next 48 hours, you can snag it for free!
Click here to get your free copy.


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