Unleash Your Creativity with MURST Instruments Coda: A Free Exclusive Sample Pack!

Explore the realm where music and sound design intersect with MURST Instruments Coda, an exclusive sample pack collaboration between Murst and modular artist Cléry. Dive into the world of captivating textures, timbres, and musical possibilities for a limited time, absolutely FREE.


Hey there, music producers! Today, I’ve got something truly exciting to share with you all.
If you’re on the lookout for new sonic horizons and creative inspiration, you’re in for a treat. Finding a collection of inspiring sounds for music production is rare and stimulating.
So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of MURST Instruments Coda, a free and exclusive sample pack!

MURST Instruments Coda Exclusive Sample Pack

Picture this – a collaboration between the visionary minds at Murst and the modular wizardry of Cléry. The result? A sample pack that beckons you to explore the uncharted territory between music and sound design. With over 350 loops and one-shots at your disposal, Coda is your gateway to crafting tracks from scratch or conjuring up intricate risers and layered soundscapes. The magic lies in the nuanced textures and timbres that blur the lines between musicality and sonic experimentation.

Are you aching to infuse your compositions with character and depth? Coda’s loops are recorded at 120bpm, allowing you to easily adjust them to fit your vision in your DAW. Additionally, Coda offers 35 presets specifically designed for Ableton Live, expanding your creative options.

Coda is an incredibly versatile sample pack that encompasses a wide range of sonic dimensions.. Let’s see what’s inside.

  • Drum: Immerse yourself in the realm of pounding modular drums, boasting loops and one-shots shaped entirely through Cléry’s modular system.
  • Texture: Embark on a journey through granular synthesis, modular sound design elements, and ambient drones that invite you to craft intricate sonic landscapes.
  • Synth: The “Synth” folder brings you West Coast atonal loops as well as more traditional arpeggio and lead sequences, bridging the gap between the experimental and the familiar.
  • Ambience: Delve into re-imagined pieces of granular sound design from Murst’s Glass instrument, offering you a selection of ethereal and immersive soundscapes.


As music producers, we thrive on pushing boundaries and exploring the sonic unknown. With MURST Instruments Coda, you’re not just getting a sample pack – you’re embarking on a sonic adventure that promises to expand your musical horizons. From captivating textures to evocative timbres, this collaboration between Murst and Cléry is a testament to the limitless possibilities of music and sound design.
Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer – grab Coda for FREE between August 15 and August 31, 2023.
Let your creativity soar, and your compositions come to life with this exceptional sample pack.


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