Spread Light by Yum Audio Is Free for a Limited Time

A free (limited time) stereo enhancement plugin that will make your mix sound big.


Time to wide-up those mixes!
Yum Audio is giving away for free the Spread Light stereo enhancement plugin for Windows and Mac (reg. €49).
This is a limited time offer and the end date is not specified.

Read the whole article to know how to get it!

How to Get Spread Light by Yum Audio for Free

Get Spead light for free on Yum Audio’s website.
  • Login to your Yum Audio account or sign-up for a new one.
  • After login or sign in, go back to the Spread Light plugin page.
  • Click again on “Limited Time $49 inc. VAT” (see image above)
  • A pop-up will appear saying: “You’ve redeemed a license for the following plugin”
  • Click on “Licenses”.
  • Then click the “Download” button for Spread Light. (see image below)
Download the Spread Light Plugin.
  • Download the installer for Windows or MAC and install the plugin.
  • Open your DAW and load Spread Light.
    P.S. Some DAWs require you to restart your machine before using newly installed VST plugins.
  • Activate your plugin by clicking on “Activate License”
  • Use the username and the password you used to log in to Yum Audio’s website.
  • Done! Enjoy your new plugin! ?


This article is not sponsored or affiliated.
I’m just sharing this information to help out the music producer community

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