Thenatan Releases Devil – Free Distortion Plugin for Limited Time

An Aggressive multi-mode distortion Plug-in programmed to thicken up or destroy any sound in unique ways.


Looking for a plugin to fire up your prods?
Thenatan is giving away free their new distortion plugin called “Devil” (reg. $50).
Keep in mind that it’s free until the 20th of November 2022.

Read this article to find out how to get it for free!

What is Devil by Thenatan?

The Devil and its 6 different types of distortion are designed to bring energy to lifeless sounds.

From the mild tube-flavored overdrive to extreme digital harshness.
Fire up your drums, vocals, leads and even keys or whatever you’ve got. Feel free to experiment.

Using this distortion plugin, you may get the sound you have been looking for but not able to get before. Plus it’s Free! 😉

Devil plugin GUI

How to Get Devil by Thenatan for Free


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I’m just sharing this information to help out the music producer community

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